Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Manhattan Mutt Company, LLC?

Manhattan Mutt Company, LLC is your professional choice for dog-centric services in Manhattan, KS. MMCo was launched in 2012.0 From the start, MMCo was intentionally built as a professional organization. We actively seeked advice and spent time learning the best practices from vets, dog trainers and doggie daycares. MMCo exclusively hires folks with previous professional experience and then provides on-going educational opportunities to ensure the highest level of care is consistently provided to your pets. Click here to get to know our Pet Pros!

What do you mean by "professional" pet care?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a professional is someone who is "engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as an amateur". At MMCo, our sole job is to care for your pets! You don't have to worry about us forgetting to show up or backing out at the last minute. We schedule visits seven days a week, between 6am and 10pm. Our flexibility allows us to provide fully-customized care to best meet your family's unique needs. Once we confirm your booking, you can rest easy that we are committed to providing nothing less than excellent care while you're away!

Do you care for pets other than dogs?

Yes! While our name implies dogs only, we've got lots of feline, feathery, fishy, farm and exotic friends, too! Just don't tell our mutts...

My pet needs medication - can you administer it?

We have quite a bit of experience administering medications, including pills, supplements, injections and inhalers. If we are not familiar with your pet's medication, we will ask more questions during our no-charge, no-obligation consultation to ensure we are completely prepared to properly care for your pet. There is no extra charge for administering medication! It's all in a day's work.

My pet has a special need - can you help?

Chances are, yes! Our staff is trained to care for pets with many medical and/or behavioral considerations. During our no-charge, no-obligation consultation, we will ask pleny of questions to ensure our experience makes us the right fit to properly care for your pet's needs.

How much do your pet sitting services cost?

Because all pet sitting services are curated to best meet your family's needs, that's a challenging question to answer! Dogs typically require 3-4 visits per day; dog sitting pricing begins at $65*/day, per family.
Our care for cats, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians, caged pets and exotic pets begins at $17*/day. Farm visits are available, please contact us for more information. For your customized quote, please submit our Staycation request form.

How much do your dog walking services cost?

Dog walking visits may be scheduled in lengths of 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Pricing begins at $24* per visit.

Are there any fees for additional pets?

Nope! All pricing is per visit, per family.

How can I join the MMCo team?

We are always looking for folks to join the MMCo family! You may be a good fit for us if you have experience working in a vet's office, doggie daycare or kennel, if you have extensive volunteer or fostering experience, if you're studying animal science or if you have other structured experience with animals.
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Do you offer dog training?

We do not - you're probably thinking of our friends at Mutt School!

Do you have a facility?

All care is provided in your home, where your pets are likely to be most comfortable! We do not have a boarding facility, nor do we offer care in our homes. Should you ever need to drop off key or payment, we do have an administrative office inside of The Fellow. Please contact us to arrange to drop by!

Will you stay overnight in my home?

Unfortunately, we do not offer overnight care at this time.

You ask a lot of questions. How do you keep my information safe?

The information you provide is kept in password protected files, accessible only to you and MMCo staff. Keys and garage codes are kept in locked key boxes, inside of our locked office, inside of an access-controlled building! We take pride in keeping your private info private. Additionally, all MMCo employees sign non-disclosure agreements and are strictly forbidden to share client information with anyone outside of the company.

What kind of training do you have?

All staff spend at least 30 days in training both in our office and alongside seasoned Pet Pros before we send them out on their own. MMCo's training program formally teaches subjects such as animal body language, basic first aid, safety protocols and MMCo's standards for care. By deliberately hiring folks with previous structured experience, combined with our internal training program, MMCo proudly offers the most qualified pet sitters and dog walkers in the Flint Hills! Get to know our pros a little better.

Why should I hire MMCo?

In short, if your animal is more than a pet, you should hire more than a pet lover! Let's be honest: anyone can feed a cat or walk a dog. But what happens if... - your cat exhibits early signs of bladder stones - would they be recognized? - your dog slips out of it's collar and runs off - what would the next step be? - your pet care provider is injured or sick - who will continue care? - another unexpected situation arises - will your caretaker know what to do? As professional pet care providers, MMCo's formally trained staff has all of the "what if's" covered. If an emergency occurs, we have protocols in place and there's always someone on-call. Everyone is bonded for your peace of mind and insured to insulate you from liability.