Meet Nyxie: one of the MMCo Mutts

MMCo was founded in 2012, when Robin was unable to find a pet sitter for her family's dogs, Nyxie, Lea & Red Dog. Meet Nyxie!

Name: Nyxie

Nickname(s): Nyxie No Ma'am

Age: 6.5 years old

Breed: according to Wisdom Panel, she is 75% Neapolitan Mastiff and 25% Boston Terrier.

Gotcha story: Nyxie was turned over to animal control when she was roughly eight weeks old. A boxer/cane corso rescue pulled her and Robin was chosen to be her human a few months later.

Describe your pet in three words: enthusiastic, loving, ridiculous

Favorite things: food, snuggling, playing with the tiny human (Robin's toddler, age 2).

Least favorite things: baths, taking medicine, the vacuum!

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