Meet Red Dog: one of the MMCo Mutts

MMCo was founded in 2012, when Robin was unable to find a pet sitter for her own dogs, Nyxie, Lea & Red Dog. Meet Red Dog!

Name: Red Dog

Nickname(s): Bubba

Age: unknown; estimated to be 8-10 years old

Breed: red heeler mix

Gotcha story: Red Dog was pulled from a shelter in Overland Park in 2011. Robin and her husband adopted him from RCHS in January 2012.

Describe your pet in three words: loyal, loving, anxious

Favorite things: being near his humans

Least favorite things: being away from his humans, loud noises, strangers, storms

Wondering what's on Red's collar? That's a Tagg GPS tracker, to help us find him quickly when he takes off on a self-guided tour of our neighborhood.

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